How and when to use exposure correction

by Denys Berezkin on May 29, 2021

Today's tip is an important one for using Polaroid color film.

When should you use the camera's exposure correction?

Exposure correction slider on your Polaroid 600: Default position (middle)

Your camera has a slider to control how bright or dark your picture should be. Adjust it to manually tell your camera to change the exposure of the next picture. With the Polaroid Originals color film (Oct. 7, 2017) we recommend leaving the slider in the default position.

(1) Adjustment in normal bright daylight

Your pictures turn out too light? Move the slider further towards the black arrow (2).

(2) Adjustment for a very bright setting

Your pictures turn out too dark now? Move the slider towards the middle position (3).

(3) Adjustment for when your pictures turn out to dark

(4) Usually you wouldn’t move the slider towards the white arrow.

You might want to move the slider as shown in picture (2) when either the sun or the setting is very bright.

Watch our videos to learn more about exposure correction for Polaroid 600 cameras:

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